Susan Fouche
Your Message. Your Meaning. My Voice.

If first impressions are so important, then why do professionals
trust the voice of their product, company, invention, service, or brand
to a non-professional voice?

Whether you’re pitching a product, producing an e-Learning course, creating a telephone voice mail, designing an in-house corporate seminar, or turning your novel into an audiobook, you need an authentic voice that captures your audience, facilitates trust, and earns you more clients!

Susan Fouche is that voice.

Located in Nashville with a professional studio, Susan will deliver the perfect read within your time frame. At the end of the day, you need more than a voice! You need a real person to communicate effectively with other real people.

Her voice has been described as: Genuine, Conversational, Articulate, Natural

Susan has the voice, professionalism, and heart to connect people to you.

What people are saying...

Susan provided an excellent experience in quality narration and professionalism. I enjoyed working with her on my project and look forward to the next audiobook due to her friendly customer service skills and speedy turnaround. She went above and beyond to make my project a success.

- Vivienne Savage, Loved by the Dragon Series

The performance by Susan Fouche was impeccable. She treated each character with great depth to tell each of them apart, clearly, and her accents and inflections were spot on. I also very much enjoyed her renditions of the sex scenes. Susan Fouche did such an amazing job. You could hear the right emotion being added in her voice when needed.

Shoshana, Audiobook Listener

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